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renting a Property

renting a Property


Looking for expert guidance in the field of property transactions? Look no further than our team of lettings specialists. Whether it’s finding the perfect rental property, investing in a buy-to-let property, or securing new office space, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision.

Our specialists provide unparalleled advice across a range of sectors, including residential, rural, commercial, and holiday properties. We believe in honesty and transparency, and our advice is always straightforward and clear. Throughout every step of the process, we are here to share our resources and expertise, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

We pride ourselves on building trusted relationships with our clients, so that we are the first people you call for every property transaction. Put your trust in our lettings specialists and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with true professionals.

Long term Rental

Looking for a reliable letting specialist to help you acquire your new office space or rent your first home? Look no further! Our team provides unparalleled advice across residential, rural, commercial sectors, and vacation homes. Whether you’re looking to rent your dream vacation home or a student home, we’ve got you covered.At our firm, we believe in honest and clear advice. We’ll share our expertise and resources with you throughout the negotiation process so that you have all the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your situation. 

Our goal is to build a trusted relationship with you, so you can count on us for every property transaction you make. When it comes to finding the perfect property, we’re the first people you should call.

Short term Rental

“Home away from home” It is the guiding motto for our specialized team that are part of the department to manage short term listings and short term rentals.


Rent a Property Online - Four easy steps to book your home. You can do it online for your convenience or meet us in person.

Let us guide you through the process.

Step 1- Search & Select

Find the ideal property by exploring our selection. Our immersive virtual tours and comprehensive information on the homes and surrounding areas will aid you in making a well-informed decision. Be sure to review the landlord policies before finalizing your booking.

We verify the properties

We provide authentic images and videos showcasing every aspect of the property, including inside drawers and cupboards. You can explore every nook and cranny of the space with our virtual tour.

Detailed description

With our completely virtual property visit, you can revisit the property as many times as you wish, just like you were physically there.


Step 2: Reserve the property

When a reservation is made, the property is reserved until the landlord provides a response (within 24 hours). Upon acceptance by the landlord, the payment method provided by you will be charged automatically. This is the reason for collecting your payment details during the reservation process.

What am I paying for?
First payment

To ensure additional security, your initial payment will be processed via HausonRealty. Rest assured that we will transfer this amount to your landlord two days after you have settled in, unless you encounter any issues and reach out to us for assistance.

Booking Fees

To cover our verification and customer support teams. No fees in Cyprus.


Step 3: Confirmation

Once the landlord approves the booking, the payment method you provided will be charged automatically. We will connect you with the landlord through email, allowing you to organize the move-in schedule, key retrieval, and transfer of any necessary documents based on their policies.

We are here to help
A significant number of our renters are relocating to a foreign land for the very first time. Here at Spotahome, we are proficient in 8 different European languages and engage with property owners on a daily basis.

Step 4: Move in

Congratulations, the home is officially yours! From now on, your landlord will be your primary contact, but rest assured that Spotahome will remain available to assist you should any problems arise. Simply collect your keys and sign the contract, and the initial payment you made at the start of the booking process will be transferred to the landlord 48 hours after your move-in date.

One last thing
Remember, as soon as you sign the agreement, it’s necessary to submit the deposit to the landlord plus any other fees outlined in their policies.
By booking online, we understand that you are making a big commitment. That’s why we offer every tenant that books with us a free guarantee.

Fraud Protection

All being well, we will transfer the money to the landlord 48 hours after you move in

Last minute cancellation

If the landlord cancels at the last minute, we will relocate you and help with your hotel costs if needed

Checked by Hauson

We show you real photos and video of each property. We let you see inside drawers and cupboards and show you every corner of the property.


Hauson’s Concierge Buy property program apply only to buyers that qualify for it, exclusivity Buy agreement and it is subject to Hauson’s Concierge Buy a property contract between the parties.

All legal checks and solicitors (lawyers) fees are on our charge.

For discerning buyers under the Hauson’s Concierge Buy agreement, follow up you send us all the info related to support the KYC and Credit Check and your introductory letter of intention, you will be offered white gloves service starting with tourist or business Visa invitation, to hotel accommodation, airport pick up, and followed up by all guidance needed for you to assess the investment opportunities that lies in Cyprus. You don’t have to worry of anything. All is settled by us and in our charge. We look for long term partnership.

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